Liquid Multi-Vitamin Tropical Berry Travel Size 30-Pack

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High Potency & Fast Absorption liquid multivitamin.

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Now in Single-Serving Travel Size!

Get a 24-pack of single-serving size travel doses.

Vitastic Liquid Multivitamin

Vitastic Vitamins Liquid Multi Tropical Berry is formulated  with optimal nutrition in mind with essential vitamins like B5, B6, B12, A, C, D3, E, Zinc, and fortified minerals which include manganese, biotin, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, and folic acid just to name a few!  Vitastic liquid multivitamin is also known for its high amounts of naturally occurring amino & fatty acids that support a boost of the immune system and metabolic function, for healthy weight management. This daily high concentrated multi-vitamin supports the mom on the go, the student in college or the Olympian in training- thus the perfect combination of ingredients that promotes the absorption of proteins and breakdown of nutrients that combat the effects of fatigue & exhaustion!
This product is vegetarian and contains no Soy, Gluten, Sugar GMOs or Fillers

About Vitastic Vitamins

The founders of Vitastic Vitamins and the creators of the Vitastic Liquid Multivitamin are coaches, athletes, wellness experts, and herbalists, don’t worry we got you covered! Within our community we follow 3 basic principles in which we here at Vitastic Vitamins live by. These principles go into our work ethic, goal settings, and of course the difference we make in every athlete regardless of skill & fitness level. Our vitamin family lives, moves, and gets fit. All of our vitamins are 100% natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Vitastic Vitamins prides itself on having a GMO Free Product line as well as having products derived from the earth (with no gluten or sugar)! No artificial vitamins here! Just pure clean nutrition!

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